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I know it has been a while since I posted something new.  I have been switching the blog page over to the new site and I have finally opened img_2585an Auntie Tina’s Antiques store on Etsy.  I have mostly listed some of my latest things I have collected.  There is a set of Taylor Smith & Taylor Blue Lace dishes I found at a local flea market.  I do feel a little guilty about getting them.  They guy helping at the booth gave me a much lower price than the owner had planned on.  Lucky me!  I snatched them up anyway, guilt and all! They are incredibly pretty with a turquoise blue color on the outside or inside of some of the dishes.  This pattern is very similar to some of the other TS&T patterns, but it was discontinued in 1958.  I may have to keep them if they don’t sell soon.

img_2526I also have double boiler and a brown Duraglas bottle I found at a thrift store that was going out of business.  The double boiler is adorable and I can totally see it in a retro kitchen.  If only I could get around to redoing my own kitchen in a retro style!  I grabbed the bottle as I was leaving because I noticed it didn’t have a screw top on it.  The stamp on the bottom of it had so much information, but in code!  I love codes! From the symbols and numbers and even the fact that it had stippling on it I found out a lot of things!  I learned it was manufactured by the Owen-Illinois Glass Company, it was made in 1948 in Huntington, West Virginia!  The stippling on the bottom of the bottle also told me it was made after 1940.  I’ll add links to the sites I used to figure this all out with the references at the bottom of the post and on my reference page.img_2554Duraglas Bottle

I also picked up two electric coffee peculators that have been painted at the closing thrift store, but I haven’t listed them yet.  I love the idea that someone tried to ‘cute up’ these old coffee pots, but I haven’t decided if I want to share them yet.img_2603

Today I finally started listing a few of the items that started Auntie Tina’s Antiques.  Okay, just the creamer and sugar bowl I wrote one of my early post on.  I feel like a mom with them.  I hate to let them go, but I like that they will go out into the world and continue to share their story.  I know that sounds a little weird, but I’m really excited to send them to someone!  Assuming my store actually gets some customers!





Owens-Illinois Glass Company



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