About Tina

Not long ago I inherited a large collection of vintage dishes and glass from my in-laws.  I also had quite a collection of vintage jewelry from my aunt. There was so much I immediately started looking into what I might be able to sell off, because I didn’t have room for it all!   But then I started researching different pieces, something  3 degrees (history, elementary education, and instructional technology) had prepared me well to do. I found out there were some really interesting stories behind the people and companies that made the dishes.  Before long I realized I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of anything. I actually started finding more stuff in local thrift stores and antique shops. And my mom started finding things for me as well.  

My history degree was useful with the history research part.  Elementary education means I can explain it all to anyone.  And instructional technology helps me get it all online in a digital format! Of course I had to share it! I started writing a blog about what I learned. My son suggested I make a video about some of it. I watched some YouTube videos when I was doing initial research, but I wasn’t sure I could contribute anything more. Then my daughter started nagging me to try it too. Turns out it’s actually a lot of fun to make videos. So now, I have a YouTube channel and a blog.  I named it Auntie Tina’s Antiques to honor my aunts that took the time to tell me about things. That, and I’m kind of like that crazy aunt that always wants to tell you everything she knows!   My goal for this endeavor is to share information and hopefully create a few smiles along the way! I hope you enjoy it!