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The history of vintage or antique items.

Can we bring hats back? A little bit of hat history.

I like hats. I have been told that I look good in hats, but I’m not entirely sure that is true.  Sadly, wearing hats in today’s world is just not the “thing”.  Sure, some women can get away with wearing baseball hats occasionally.   And, if you go to the Kentucky Derby, it is expected. I […]

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Clever little compacts!

I have to admit, writing about make up compacts was kind of odd to me.  I don’t really think about makeup at this point in my life.  However, these decorative compacts did intrigue me.  And, well there was a chance to research something new I had never considered before. When I began examining my personal […]

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Carnival Prizes

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It’s carnival time around here!  The state fair will start in just a couple of days.  My daughter’s school will have their Fall Carnival next week.  Oh, joy.  Bouncy houses and cheap prizes are in my future!  Hopefully, there won’t be any more goldfish! We brought one home a couple of years back.  That silly […]

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