I really enjoy research, but I have to say I would know nothing if other people had not published information first!  And, as any good researcher knows, you have to cite your sources!  This page is a collection of all the resources I have used for my post.  If I have written about something that really interest you, I suggest checking out the links and books listed here.  

Decorative Compacts Resources:

Glass references:

Uranium Glass!bwcwz8>>>


John Fenton and Millersburg Glass


Combs, H. J. (2008). Trading America’s Past on eBay: The Case Study of Northwood Carnival Glass and Roseville Pottery. 

Material Culture

40(1), 41-55.


Guide to collecting carnival glass, America’s iridescent glassware

By: Antique Trader Staff | September 20, 2012


Prisant, C (2003), Antique Roadshow 20th Century Collectibles, Workman Publishing


Carnival References

  • Michael Baers. (2015). Traveling Carnivals. In St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture. Detroit: Gale. 




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