Let me do the research for you!

Guess what I realized!  I love to do research!  I really enjoy finding books, websites, or whatever to learn about different items.  Its kind of like a mini-mystery!  I have had so much fun researching my own things I thought I would offer to do it for other people as well.  Do you have an item you would like to know more about?  Maybe you want to sell it or just want to know some of the history associated with something you inherited.  I can do that for you!  Send me a few pictures of the item and lets see what I can find out!

The first 25 people to put in request will be free!  This is what you will get:
Full history write up with a least 3 sources. ($25 value)2000px-book3-svg
Summary write up to post on Ebay, Etsy or another site. ($10 value)
A list of current online prices of similar items for sale. ($5 value)
A reference list of the resources I used. ($10)

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